There are a few things to set up in Challonge so we are able to retrieve the data.  Basically, your tournament must be hosted by a Challonge "Organization" that MyPoolStats is a member of.

About Organizations

Organizations allow multiple users to manage a tournament.  Once you are logged in, you will see the Organization menu in the upper-right.  Inside is a list of all the organizations you are a member of and you can also create a new organization if you wish.

Choosing an Organization

MyPoolStats has an organization you can use.  Just contact us with your Challonge username, and we will add you.  We prefer this method for the occasional tournament director because it is easier to see when there are tournaments that need to be brought into MyPoolStats.

If you plan on running many events, feel free to make your own organization and then add "MyPoolStats" as a member.  We try to monitor the organizations we are in but please let us know when you complete a tournament so we do not miss your event.  Please note if you don't run a tournament in a while, we may remove our membership from your organization.

Setting up a Tournament

The following describes the settings that are important to MyPoolStats.  Feel free to explore the other options to find if they are useful for your tournament.

Host:  Select your desired organization.  If you don't, your tournament will be hosted under your username by default and MyPoolStats will be unable to retrieve the data.

Name:  Enter a short descriptive name for your tournament.

URL:  It is best to click the crossing arrows icon button at the end and Challonge will select a random code for you.  Also, verify the tournament is hosted properly by looking at the URL.  If it looks like this:  'http://challonge.com/y6nnl2fe', it is under your username and you need to change your host setting.  If it has the organization name before challonge.com like this:  'http://mypoolstats.challonge.com/ijq8rtsj', then you know it is hosted correctly.

Game:  Enter the game being played.

Description:  Feel free to add more about your tournament here.

After your Tournament

Please let us know your event is complete and include the link to the bracket.

If you forget to choose the correct host, don't worry, you can fix it without losing your tournament.  Just go into your tournament settings and change the host to be the desired organization rather than your username.  Note this will change the link to the bracket so the old link won't work after this change.