The pool community benefits enormously by having uniform, accurate, and up-to-date ratings.  However, many pool event organizers really don’t want the hassle of dealing with ratings on their own as it is difficult, time-consuming, and controversial to manage, especially as the number of players increase or players arrive from outside their local area.  Many larger pool halls have an in-house ratings list but problems arise when these various lists in a given area don't agree.  It makes sense to have a regional level organization manage ratings but the traditional manual, subjective methods are widely regarded as inadequate.

MyPoolStats Ratings revolutionize how player ratings are determined and managed.  It is capable of providing uniform, accurate, and up-to-date ratings on a very large scale, but it needs pool event organizers to submit their results.  There is no charge to submit event results and everyone stands to benefit by participating - venues, businesses, tournament and league directors, regional organizations, and most of all the players. 

A common complaint is why certain players and regions are not established or represented in the system.  The reason for this is a lack of local event organizer's participation in that area.  The solution is for players encourage these local tournament directors and league operators to participate.

Who Can Contribute

Ask your local tournament or league director to keep track of match scores.  We do accept individual's match data if the results can be confirmed but it is something we try to limit as it is time consuming to verify and enter.  We reserve the right to refuse results or request independent confirmation at our discretion.

What Is It For

This system measures individual skill and is primarily used for singles matchups.

It can be used for team events as well as long as games are only between two players (one-on-one).  Any results submitted from these events must be for the individual players and not the team's results.  The break format is not a major factor so alternate, winner, and loser break events are accepted.  Any advantage or disadvantage from the break is averaged into players' ratings.

Team formats where the players trade innings or shots in a game are not supported as individual performance cannot be measured these types of team results.

Submitting Results

Here are the requirements for match scores:

  • Match scores MUST be the actual game score.  DO NOT include handicaps or spots in the match scores.  Sometimes ball handicaps are used in 9-ball; we cannot accept these as the handicap is integral to the final match score.
  • Match scores for forfeits and byes (if included) must be recorded as 0-0.
  • We only accept bar table (7') matches for 8-ball, 9-ball, and 10-ball.  The system can handle other formats but there are not enough participating events to make it worthwhile at this time.

The event date, location, and description of event, and game played must be included when submitting match results.  Also include contact information in case there are questions on the event or players.

Please contact us with any questions.

Tournament Software

TournamentPoolStats.com is a great way to run your pool tournament and submit the results.  It is free to use and quite powerful!  Just let us know when your event is complete.

Challonge.com is a generic bracket manager that is also free.  Just send us the link when your event is complete.  See our Challonge setup page to make sure we are able to retrieve the data.

We can also import from IngenPool / Budtour.com.  We just need a copy of the tournament file when your event is complete.

League Software

LeaguePoolStats.com is an easy to use league stats software that offers the option to transmit results to MyPoolStats.

Data Format

If you need to transfer the data from a paper bracket or wish to provide an export from another application, please review our sample spreadsheet.  Please contact us with any questions.