What is the intent of this site

To help pool players measure and track their game.  Many other games and sports have ways to determine objective stats but there are very few tools available to pool players.  MyPoolStats makes those modern techniques available to allow players to quantify the game of pool.  That information can then be used to promote the game and in the process of self-learning that is key to playing the game at a high level.

Evolution of the site

As most pool players can relate, it is frustrating when you feel that your game is somehow held back from reaching its full potential.  That driving force got me thinking about an open but structured practice routine for my personal use.  The idea morphed into a web application when I realized how much more useful it could be if it was available from pratically anywhere.

My time on the table took a hit as I learned web development to create this site. MyPoolStats went "live" in December of 2011 but has come a long way since then.  The phrase "Made by a pool player for a pool player" holds true.  Some of the original ideas still remain while other portions have been set aside. 

I then began to think about the frustration among pool players with the inability of available rating systems to provide fair, accurate, and up-to-date information about how their skill compared to others.  This is a really difficult problem for the manual, subjective systems that are available and I wondered if there was a better way to tackle it.  Of course I wasn't the first to ponder this issue and soon found an innovative, completely mathematical pool player rating system that was developed and being used by a large pool hall in Fargo, ND.

In September 2012, the "Fargo" rating system was rolled out on the site with the goal of proving ratings for pool players across Wisconsin.  To my knowledge, this system had never been attempted on this scale before but the rewards for the pool community I enjoy so much made it worth it to me to give it a shot.  It wasn’t something I could do on my own however; it would only work if I could rally the support of other pool players and the folks that run events.  Since then, the rating system has grown beyond my expectations, despite the challenges of introducing new things to folks committed to doing things a certain way.

In summary, this site has proven to be a wonderful learning tool and motivator just as intended.  I hope others find MyPoolStats useful as well in the never-ending quest to know you have learned to play better pool.

About the Webmaster

Hi! My name is Chris Bonde.  I work as a mechanical engineer for a medical company in central Wisconsin.   Much of my free time is devoted to the games of pool and billiards.  I started playing in 1996 and managed to become a fairly advanced player with many respectable individual and team awards from the local to international level.  I enjoy playing any and all of the various games in pool and billiards and am always looking to learn and improve.

How much does it cost?

This site is free to use; which is made possible by the author’s personal time and finances, volunteers submitting data, and user donations.