Q:  I know someone has a rating but they won't show up when I search for them!

A:  This is a browser issue with the autofill suggestions, and common for smartphone users.  For some reason, the autofill adds a space afterwards and that screws up the search.  Try just typing a few letters of the first and last names and do not select any autofill suggestions.


Q:  The site works great on my computer but some things don't work correctly when I use my smartphone!

A:  This is typically due to compatibility issues with some older smartphones browsers.  MyPoolStats is tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.  Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to make sure it is compatible with every model and version of smartphone.  If you are having problems, try downloading and using one of the supported browser apps for your phone.


Q:  What if I think a user is abusing the system?

A:  Please let us know what you have found.  We will investigate the issue promptly and take the proper actions and precautions to prevent inappropriate use.